Legacy of
over three decades!

It all started the modest way, almost thirty years ago, as an enterprise that sold the freshest bread, buns and homemade pastries. People across ages and classes embraced it with all love for its freshness, quality and the sensory taste. This was the recipe of a legend in the making, in the year to come. The decades of experience and expertise honed in this industry paved way for the evolution of a brand that imbibes the ever vibrant spirit of the changing times. And thus ‘Bun club’ was born. Today, keeping afresh its good old values, ‘Bun Club’ aspires to be a global food brand with presence in many continents, relishing the palates of bread, bun and pastry lovers worldwide.

The Bun side of life!

Bun Club, is much more than an eatery joint, that serves the ultimate in breads, pastries and other delights. It’s a vibrant place, the new hangout for youth & families. It’s the fun place for socializing, casual meetings, intimate get-togethers & parties. This is the perfect setting to enjoy what we call ‘ the bun side’ of life.

Straight from the heart.

Straight from the oven.

From vegetables in your salads to the fruits in your mock tail to the meat in your steak, every item is diligently & directly procured from the source and served at our customer’s plate in the freshest and hygienic way possible. The yummy and fluffiest bread & bun your savour is made with fresh ingredients and are always straight from the oven.

we Blend Passion & Tecnology

At Bun Club, we employ cutting edge technology to our entire process – right from procurement to the final delivery at the customers end. But one thing has remained constant and consistent over these years – our proud heritage to infuse passion and soul into every minute detail of what we do. A trait that has made us unique and set us apart from rest of the competition.